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Training on the CAN system and current deployments is available to all CAN users. Agencies involved in disaster recovery may also participate in Client Registry training to learn more about the CAN system. Select from the courses listed below to view more information and register for an upcoming session.

For a calendar of all available training, please view the Current Schedule or begin the registration process below.

Please note:

Registrations for online trainings close at 6:00pm central time the day prior to the training. Any registrations requiring approval from your CAN point of contact will take at least 24 hours to process.

CAN Orientation
How CAN Serves Communities and Agencies in Preparing for and Responding to Disasters

This orientation provides agency program leads, and community leaders in disaster preparedness and recovery, an overview of the Coordinated Assistance Network program. Content includes services offered by CAN to communities before and after a disaster; an explanation of the deployment process; options for agency participation in CAN; and a high-level demonstration of the CAN technology tools including the Client Registry, Resource Database and Reporting tools.
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Client Registry
The session covers the purpose of a coordinated assistance network and all skills needed to enter information gathered during intake and the case management process. This course is intended for users with a case management background and should be comfortable using a case management database.
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Resource Database
A review of the Resource Database during which users will learn: how to create agency and service profiles; complete required and optional information; and use tools to facilitate the process data entry process.

This training is only intended for those agency personnel assigned the responsibility to collect information on community resources used by the agency's staff.
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Export Wizard Reports Tool
This training is limited to those who are responsible for monitoring and supervising programs. You must obtain approval from your CAN Point of Contact (the staff member at your agency who acts as a liaison between your agency and CAN.)

Participants will learn how to run reports on data recorded in the Client Registry using the Export Wizard.

Note: An agency should maintain an ability to run reports in CAN by selecting 1 to 3 people to have Report Tools access.
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CAN Liaison Train the Trainer
There are three goals for the CAN Orientation Train the Trainer program. The first goal is to support our partners in meeting the needs of users who require in-person and hands-on instruction in the use of Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) tools. The second goal is to assist CAN partners in tailoring instruction to reflect how their agency and programs use CAN tools to facilitate the case management process. The third goal is to support and monitor the quality of training offered by CAN partners.
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